About Oregon Extended

This website is designed to support the Extended Assessment in the State of Oregon. The Oregon Extended Assessment is a custom designed student achievement measurement system that provides Oregon proficiency standards aligned assessment in reading, writing, math, and science in grades 3 through 8, and 11. Currently, development of the assessment and this website is contracted to Behavioral Research and Teaching (BRT) at the University of Oregon. Please feel free to contact either the State of Oregon ODE or BRT with questions.

Achievement (also called “Performance”) Standards define the requirements for a student to meet and exceed on Oregon's Extended Assessment by content area and grade. An achievement standard is an objective definition of a certain level of performance, in a content area at a particular grade, in terms of a cut score or a range of scores on the Extended Assessment psychometric scale. All Alternate Achievement Level Descriptors assume that student curriculum and assessment is based on content standards that have been reduced in depth, breadth, and complexity. This means that Extended Assessment results cannot be used to compare to the results of students who are taking the general ELA-Math assessments and who are in the same enrolled grade.

With the transition to an Extended Assessment based on new state content standards in ELA (i.e., Reading, Writing), Math, and Science, ODE is aware that IEP teams may need information that compares or "equates" the Reading, Writing, Math, and Science cut scores of the "old" Extended Assessments with the "new" ones. With that in mind, tables are provided of these cut scores and benchmarks (or Levels) comparing 2013-14 and 2014-15. A teacher-friendly Scale Score Interpretation Guide is also provided, below.